Sunday, May 3, 2009

DOS Winners

Of course you are all winners for coming out and playing.  Just a list of who had fun the fastest.
Forgive any misspellinges, I managed to drink a few too many, weird, huh?
Huge thanks to Sam Stimpert and the VAC for hosting/putting up with us.  
Thanks to Discoma, Microbabies and Beautician for playing music.  
Thank all of you for playing!
1.  Ryan Weeks
2. Tony Schmidt
3. Paul Ely
4.  Katy Severson
5.  Jeff Buttars
6. John Young
7.  Vachel Barbour
8.  Andrea Egjezabal (thanks for the handwriting, Bart...)
9.  John King
10.  Ryan King
11.  Kory Dawson
12.  Lucas Hollern
13.  Leif Elgthun
14.  Andy Olsen
15.  Jake Schisel
16.  Alex Cardoza
17.  Leil Cardoza
18.  Kevin Bolen
19.  Alyson Schisel
20.  Brady Calahan
21.  A.J. Ogden
22.  Monica Hopkins
23.  Fran Maxwell
24.  Maria Andrade
25.  Kristi Regotti
26.  Danielle Pemster
27.  Corey Wageman
Sus Danner showing off her Lobster

Relay riders

Buttars at Gernika


Captain Fran said...

Thanks for such a great time. Next time we won't spend time caching - we'll actually race... and maybe be sober!

Drink Beer Ride Bikes!

GyPsiE p said...

Thank you for what seemed like a lot longer race than i am sure it was, i got worked. See you out there suka's... good game

Ralphie said...

Wish I could have made it and raced but work was in my way to success

blotto said...

It was definitely an awesome time, but I'll be damned if I didn't get destroyed by this one (damn the little theater stop, damn it to hell). Oh well, it was a long one but a good one.

spoting0 said...

Great time had by all, thanks to you all that gave up your time for the rest of us. I cannt believe I skipped 2 stops and only finished ninth.

blackhappy said...

We got to do another soon... this is my last Cleve trip till September. I will even bring the sunshine... sorry about stealing it on Saturday (beautiful day here!)

Ryan King said...

Thank You all that put this wonderful event together.Very Disapointed that Spotingo kicked my butt!!Next time Spotingo your going DOWN!!

Lanius said...

Thank you for a super enjoyable and challenging race. If velocaching is as fun as DOS, I must try it.

blotto said...

I wrote up a excessively long ride report, and also posted the handful of pictures I took that actually turned out ok-ish. Just scroll down until all the :words: stop for picture time.