Saturday, May 2, 2009


First person at each stop should take the Polaroid and the button, that is your prize for first to the stop. DO NOT take the ink pad! put them back every time! Each stop has an ink pad, you have ten fingers and there are ten stops (they are all different colors so don't even think about it.) figure it out.

If for some reason the pouch is missing at the stop, write down a description of the area.

Bring your ID. There will be NO ONE underage at the end.
DO NOT bring any outside alcohol to the end, riders will be taken care of in that regard.

At the end, we expect you to have a sheet of paper with ten different colors stamped with your individual fingerprint. Put your name on that. If you need a print out for this go two posts down and print it. If you can't print, mimic that picture.

The end is the Visual Arts Collective, 3638 Osage St. Garden City.

Bring a ten-spot for the end, we have no change.

If you ride this, you do it at your own risk. We assume ZERO responsibility for anything. period.


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brew1 said...

Great fucking time tonight. Love the beer race at the VAC. Took the ride to the Shakepeare site in stride and the last one hanging on that fucking fence post off Orchard sucked my ass. Went up and down Fairwiew for twenty minutes looking for the right perspective. Once found, after hopping the fence back to my ride I heard "excuse me" like I was going to stop and try and explain to this person why I just violated their neighborhood Shangri-La. Fuck that I have beer to drink and I might finish in 18th place.
Thanks again Bikes & Rec for a good time