Friday, October 31, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

gratitude and meatballs.

Not enough can be said to truly thank all of you for making this event as awesome as we here at Bikes and Rec thought that it was. Deeply and truly. 

Simple rundown and then more gushing. 

1  Logan Barclay  40 min
Jarris Wieme
3 Cody Weaver

1 Kristi  (7th overall)
2 Andrea
3 Kristy Martin

No swag. No prizes. Just honor, beer and and all the meatballs and salisbury steak you could eat. Huge congrats to ALL 32 racers, you all killed a very unfriendly course. 

Speaking of unfriendly courses,  I was told that evening that Jeff never wanted to hear the word "shenanigans" again so I will refrain from  refering to the rest of the evening under those pretenses. Sprints, Polo , Beerelay all went down and I think fun was had by all who participated. 

Sam and Anneliessa from the Visual Arts Collective are really amazing people and need to be not only promoted but placed upon an very high pedastal and worshipped. The men's restroom adorned in art by Erin Ruiz is worth a trip to the VAC all by itself. Tartufi could have been the best band I have ever seen in my life. No offense to all the other great bands that played that night but FUCK ME. WOW. 

All photos you see here (except for batman, Brook shot that) are by Ray J. Gadd. we love him a lot. 

Huge thanks to Sockeye for the help with beer. Thanks to D-Bagg, always. 

That said, I know I have missed a few of you. I will remember tonight after I go to bed. Don't forget HELLR4CER on November 1. We will be decidedly unofficially cheerleading that event from here in the next few days. Watch the skies. Bikes and Rec loves you.  

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Our  friend Josh King from Sockeye brewing has answered our pleads for beer with a keg of his WOOLY BUGGER WHEAT beer.  Looks like the weather will cooperate with us for the day of bikes, 70 degrees sounds pretty nice!  We should be set up no later than 2pm to get people signed up.  Race starts at 3pm, then sprints and skids after.  Bring your mallets, we want to get some polo going on in the parking lot next to the VAC.  Tapping the keg right after the Alleycat.  Bring a few bucks for "incidentals" along the route...