Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Bike stands courtesy of BBP
Ready to roll with 100 riders

May 27, 2009

Bicyclists to Lead Funeral Procession of Eagle Bicyclist Jim Chu

Family asks local bicyclists to participate in unique memorial

WHAT: Bicyclists will lead the funeral procession for Jim Chu from Boise to the burial service at Dry Creek cemetery in Eagle in a silent remembrance honoring Jim’s life and love of cycling. 

Local bicyclists interested in participating are welcome to attend the memorial services in addition to participating in the procession. Helmets are required and the procession will be led by a motorcycle escort.

WHERE: The memorial will be held at Cathedral of the Rockies Emmaus Center, 717 N. 11th St. Corner of 11th and Hays in Boise. The procession will begin at the Cathedral and end shortly after it reaches Hill Road. The cars in the procession will then continue to Dry Creek Cemetery in Eagle. 

WHEN: Friday, May 29, 2009. The memorial will begin at 1:00 PM the procession will begin once the memorial is over. Bicyclists interested in riding in the procession will need to be at the church at 1:45 p.m.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I wish I was not posting this right now.

Dear Friends and Family of Jim Chu,

On May 19, Jim Chu was riding his bike during his lunch hour, in the bike lane and with a helmet, and was struck from behind by a Boise ValleyRide van. He passed away Thursday, May 21st at St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center as a result of severe traumatic brain injury.

Memorial services will take place at Cathedral of the Rockies Emmaus Center in Boise, Idaho at 1:00PM on Friday, May 29th. If anyone has photos of or stories about Jim they would like to share, please forward them to me by Wednesday, May 27th to have them potentially included in the video memorial. Following the service, bicyclists will lead the procession to the burial service at Dry Creek cemetery in Eagle. It will be a new tradition in Boise. This will be a very special and unique ceremony, and we hope you will join us in honoring Jim and his life.

Additionally, a “ghost bike” ceremony will be held tomorrow, on Memorial Day, at 11am near the site of the incident. A bike has been painted white and will be decorated with flowers. Location is about 300 feet north of the intersection of Aeronca and south Orchard south of I-84 on Orchard on the east side of the street. If you attend, please part along Aeronca for safety, not on Orchard.

Much Love,

Lisa, Sara, Jenny and Jim’s Family

This family is beautiful and amazing and needs our support right now. You may not have known Jim but we all ride the same roads together. Making a journey to the ghost bike will be a very meaningful way to help this family know that there is a community thinking about them. Do it if you can. If any of you folks maintain bike-centric blogs and are reading this please do not hesitate to post this letter.

The procession/escort is in the works. You will be lead by a motorcycle escort towards the cemetery. You will not go all the way to Dry Creek. It will be a silent ride. Our route is not yet planned but will be by Friday. If you plan on riding in the procession (and I hope you do) you should wear a helmet. Please spread the word through our community.

This family is very interested in not only honoring Jim's memory but also making a very strong statement about being very aware of bicycles. -Bart
Barton Loyd Kline M-851

Saturday, May 23, 2009

215.25 Miles of hangover

mmmmm.... delicious steamed hams...

John STYLED US OUT by bringing an army of burgers, buns, chips and all the fixin's.  All neatly packed into his cooler, and biked over on his boat trailer.  Yes.  BOAT TRAILER.  A new King of Pedal and Paddle?  We shall see in August... Oh, and he manned the grill all night!
Thank you everyone who came out to ride.  I have 861 laps recorded, and know for a fact that that's not all of them.  Like the title says I figured it to be 215.25 miles.  People donated cash to boot!  $90 total.  I've got to brag on Josh a little about the donations, $40 of that came straight from him.  Thanks, Josh, I hate the cancer too.  I never made my promised 100 laps.  The weight of being a host and keeping pace with the drinking limited my time in the saddle.  I did make 70 laps, and quit counting for a while there, so I still feel good about my lap contribution.  I said I would have prizes for people with over 50 laps, and I do, I just forgot on Friday.  So,  Brady Calahan, Josh F., David (sorry, your last name eludes me), and Steve (of the Kuna crew, right?) all had over 50, and so there is a prize for each of you.  I will leave the Winco bag of goodies just behind the fence next to the cooler full of Hamms.  Drop by and snag one when you're in the neighborhood.  (I expect you to take down a Hamms or two as well... More bragging on Josh, he made the most laps, 114.  Ryan King was next with 105, then Brady with 80, then the rest of us.  Great riding with all of you!  Thanks again.  The next ride coming up is Dirty and Pink all ladies race on June 6.  Then the Red Hot Riot (at the VAC this year) on July 11 (tentatively).  One more thing:  I have Ryan's water bottle it is washed, filled and set in the cooler along with the Hamms.  Come get it when you can.

UPDATE: Saturday we had some late-comers for the ride.  Sean Donovan, Kim, Dorian & Stacy all showed up ready to play.  Hamms all around and a huge donation to the LAF, $47!! Hells Yeah!  Our grand total to send off to the Foundation stands at $137, nice.  Thanks again!  The prizes are still out there, slightly protected from the rain.  Come collect!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The next ride! May 22, 6pm. 100 miles.

Goddamn right it's a beautiful day.

No kidding!  We are going to ride 100 miles for fatty.   This will be a kid-free event with no entry fee but what you bring to drink and any donations you wish to make to the Lance Armstrong Foundation (they HATE cancer).  My house, short course, lots of shenanigans, ballyhoo, whimsy, etc.  It's a crazy idea and a great cause.  Kit up, lace up, roll up, and get on it.  Lots of beers and lots of laps around my relatively safe block.  (400 laps or so)  I bought the official shirt and swag, and will dole it out as I see fit.  This COULD present an opportunity for a few impromptu beer relays...  
902 Sylvan st.
Friday May 22, 6pm til it's done
RSVP your commitment if you can!

UPDATE:  Don't be scared to come and ride if you think that you HAVE to make 400 laps, or 200, etc.  As a GROUP I believe we can reach the goal.  It would be amazing if we had 400 people doing one lap and drinking one beer.  That's 400 beers that hate cancer!   I will commit to 100 laps (shit, now I AM committed...)  and make sure there is propane for the grill, ice in the coolers at the pit stop and a pile of wood for the firepit.  

MORE UPDATE:  Sounds like quite a few people are coming, and even more people are interested, curious, possibly apprehensive? At a good pace it would take a long-ass time to complete 100 miles.  Foolish to begin at 6pm, that's why you are COMING OVER to ride with us and ease the burden.  We got a sitter so we could focus on being on the bikes much of the time, and be attentive (and drunk) hosts the rest of the time.  If you drop by with the kiddos for a lap and a brew, great!  Our house is not all thorns and rusty nails, we are just having a night "in".  There are races and rides the next day, but a couple laps and an equal number of beers won't crush ya!  Big Business is playing the Neurolux later in the evening, you can make it to that too.  Laps START at 6, so come early and lube up.  (DZnuts community tube...?)

Friday, May 8, 2009


this is a great link from a rider that day, go check it out

Sunday, May 3, 2009

DOS Winners

Of course you are all winners for coming out and playing.  Just a list of who had fun the fastest.
Forgive any misspellinges, I managed to drink a few too many, weird, huh?
Huge thanks to Sam Stimpert and the VAC for hosting/putting up with us.  
Thanks to Discoma, Microbabies and Beautician for playing music.  
Thank all of you for playing!
1.  Ryan Weeks
2. Tony Schmidt
3. Paul Ely
4.  Katy Severson
5.  Jeff Buttars
6. John Young
7.  Vachel Barbour
8.  Andrea Egjezabal (thanks for the handwriting, Bart...)
9.  John King
10.  Ryan King
11.  Kory Dawson
12.  Lucas Hollern
13.  Leif Elgthun
14.  Andy Olsen
15.  Jake Schisel
16.  Alex Cardoza
17.  Leil Cardoza
18.  Kevin Bolen
19.  Alyson Schisel
20.  Brady Calahan
21.  A.J. Ogden
22.  Monica Hopkins
23.  Fran Maxwell
24.  Maria Andrade
25.  Kristi Regotti
26.  Danielle Pemster
27.  Corey Wageman
Sus Danner showing off her Lobster

Relay riders

Buttars at Gernika

Saturday, May 2, 2009


First person at each stop should take the Polaroid and the button, that is your prize for first to the stop. DO NOT take the ink pad! put them back every time! Each stop has an ink pad, you have ten fingers and there are ten stops (they are all different colors so don't even think about it.) figure it out.

If for some reason the pouch is missing at the stop, write down a description of the area.

Bring your ID. There will be NO ONE underage at the end.
DO NOT bring any outside alcohol to the end, riders will be taken care of in that regard.

At the end, we expect you to have a sheet of paper with ten different colors stamped with your individual fingerprint. Put your name on that. If you need a print out for this go two posts down and print it. If you can't print, mimic that picture.

The end is the Visual Arts Collective, 3638 Osage St. Garden City.

Bring a ten-spot for the end, we have no change.

If you ride this, you do it at your own risk. We assume ZERO responsibility for anything. period.


getting ready?

we are.

Friday, May 1, 2009

5:00 P.M. SATURDAY MAY 2 2009

For those of us with short attention spans, here is the scoop again. I hope you are getting ready. There are a few great tricks to this one so dedicate some brain time to thinking about that. 

-you will need to be eyeballed to this site today at 5:00 p.m.
-having a posse together at your "start" area might be fun.
-having your posse spread around the city might not be a bad idea either. 
-this is a 21+ endpoint, you will not be admitted without proper identification. 
-you DO NOT need a fancy camera-ma-phone to do this race. Once you start all you will need is a good route written on a sturdy piece of paper. 
-you will need a piece of paper ready with 1-10 written upon it or printed from this site. WRITE YOUR NAME ON IT! 
-if you don't want to do the race but want to come and rock out DO IT! Just ride your bike on down to the VAC.  (it is only five bucks if you don't want a spoke card or free beer)
-don't expect any swag, that shit is dead to us. 

-while you don't need a camera for this ride please bring it (video would be awesome) and take copious amounts of pictures along the way. 
-a comment RSVPing would be neat. 
-for you to get in the "spirit of velo" and have as much fun as humanly possible tomorrow. 
-for you to be safe. take all precautions in this area, we are not your parents so it's up to you to make wise choices. Eschew stupidity.