Friday, May 1, 2009

5:00 P.M. SATURDAY MAY 2 2009

For those of us with short attention spans, here is the scoop again. I hope you are getting ready. There are a few great tricks to this one so dedicate some brain time to thinking about that. 

-you will need to be eyeballed to this site today at 5:00 p.m.
-having a posse together at your "start" area might be fun.
-having your posse spread around the city might not be a bad idea either. 
-this is a 21+ endpoint, you will not be admitted without proper identification. 
-you DO NOT need a fancy camera-ma-phone to do this race. Once you start all you will need is a good route written on a sturdy piece of paper. 
-you will need a piece of paper ready with 1-10 written upon it or printed from this site. WRITE YOUR NAME ON IT! 
-if you don't want to do the race but want to come and rock out DO IT! Just ride your bike on down to the VAC.  (it is only five bucks if you don't want a spoke card or free beer)
-don't expect any swag, that shit is dead to us. 

-while you don't need a camera for this ride please bring it (video would be awesome) and take copious amounts of pictures along the way. 
-a comment RSVPing would be neat. 
-for you to get in the "spirit of velo" and have as much fun as humanly possible tomorrow. 
-for you to be safe. take all precautions in this area, we are not your parents so it's up to you to make wise choices. Eschew stupidity. 


fixedgearjedi said...

Dang, sounds fun. If I can get off work in time, Ill give it a go!

nick said...

new in town.
where's the VAC?

Captain Fran said...

Drinks Beer Ride Bikes Crew is attending!

a. mortician said...


brew1 said...

Beer, bikes,rock & roll show, riding around town trying to find shit.
I'm there

Codizzle said...

If my second race of the day is over in time I an totally in yo!

blotto said...

Will totally be doing this

Anonymous said...

The bootyquestfive shall be there fo sho!

blackhappy said...

Hope you guys have a blast.... I wish i could be there!... kick some ass.

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