Thursday, January 29, 2009



This is our diversion to keep our asses in the saddle, share some secret spots and discover new perspectives of our beautiful city. Here's how it works: pick a spot to stash the cache (in this case a politically correct re-purposed bicycle chain bottle opener: the "key"). Take a picture from the exact location of your cache. It may be as obscure as you can dream, or in the spirit of "Velo", a more well-known spot to keep the race for the prize quick. The key should be planted (buried, insinuated, camouflaged, etc) in the same spot the picture was taken, thus when a Velocache participant finds the key, they will be standing on the site of your unique perspective, secret spot, state of mind?, etc. Anyone who spies the post may participate, and the game begins at the time of posting. Feel free to add any treasures to the cache as you see fit. Obviously these photos/finds must be obtained from a bicycle-centric viewpoint right? RIGHT?!!! Oh yeah, new blog

Sunday, January 18, 2009


These photos were taken during the most recent "recon" mission that the velopirates did for their upcoming INVERSION EXCURSION IV race.  

They sure look like they know how to  have fun! 

Those boys have posted a map for the upcoming alley-cross extravaganza and I highly suggest you go take a look at it here.

This ride looks as if it could be a lot less horrifying than was previously speculated so I hope to see the hordes of Bikes & Rec devotees out there on Saturday. I will be the one drinking beer and smoking cigarettes at all of the stops. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

this looks like fun...

We here at Bikes & Rec are pretty intrigued about this next race. I will quote Thomas on a myspace bulletin, "FOR THOSE​ WHO RIDE BIKES​ IN BOISE​ IDAHO​ AND ARENT​ PUSSY".  Well, I do ride bikes in Boise, Idaho and I don't think I am "pussy" (a lazy, out of shape, drunkard maybe but let me assure you I am ALL man)  so I suppose we should all, "COME RACE WITH US ON THE 24TH YOU WILL HAVE MORE FUN THAN YOU WILL AT ANY OTHER​ RACE EVER" Ever? Really? we shall see...Bikes & Rec is hatching some plans for this one...beware pussys!