Sunday, January 18, 2009


These photos were taken during the most recent "recon" mission that the velopirates did for their upcoming INVERSION EXCURSION IV race.  

They sure look like they know how to  have fun! 

Those boys have posted a map for the upcoming alley-cross extravaganza and I highly suggest you go take a look at it here.

This ride looks as if it could be a lot less horrifying than was previously speculated so I hope to see the hordes of Bikes & Rec devotees out there on Saturday. I will be the one drinking beer and smoking cigarettes at all of the stops. 


Codizzle said...

They told me they deleted that one, I look just a mess!

thomas wilson said...

we just got done riding the course and it so so much fun. everyone should show up and race, if you dont you will seriously miss out.