Tuesday, January 13, 2009

this looks like fun...

We here at Bikes & Rec are pretty intrigued about this next race. I will quote Thomas on a myspace bulletin, "FOR THOSE​ WHO RIDE BIKES​ IN BOISE​ IDAHO​ AND ARENT​ PUSSY".  Well, I do ride bikes in Boise, Idaho and I don't think I am "pussy" (a lazy, out of shape, drunkard maybe but let me assure you I am ALL man)  so I suppose we should all, "COME RACE WITH US ON THE 24TH YOU WILL HAVE MORE FUN THAN YOU WILL AT ANY OTHER​ RACE EVER" Ever? Really? we shall see...Bikes & Rec is hatching some plans for this one...beware pussys!  


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to dump my hotmail account and open a new one with gmail but I can't figure out how to switch it in Blogger. Any suggestions?
Muy Gracias,

a. mortician said...

Well, in settings/comments you can change the notification settings at the bottom of the page. That is about the only place that I have email directly sent to me automatically from the site. Other than that you would need to go into your profile and change it there: permissions/click on your profile/edit profile. I don't know what happens if you have to change it in your blogger account but I would just set yourself up with a new profile and call it good. Nice use of Deezer by the way. Well done. -Bart

Moping with Intent to Gawk said...

Thanks and sorry, I thought this was the Bikes & Tech blog. I think for some reason blogger prohibits altering the sign-in email (lame). I'll keep pluggin away and see what happens. Stoked that I can lift just a song here and there from Deezer, not sure I'm ready for the entire jukebox.
I appreciate the help,