Wednesday, February 25, 2009

poor little blog...

Sorry for the lack of attention here. We've been over somewhere else for awhile barely hanging on by our fingertips. This VELOCACHE thing has really taken off and it's consuming a lot more of our time than we thought it would (and that's a really good thing).

The most important part of these distractions is how much it has gotten me out on the bike(s). I know that would be the obvious reason but it's also been more than that. I have met some new people that share my interests, real good people, that I am proud to call my friends. I have gotten to know a few folks that I did not know as well before, and that is awesome. I know, I know, real touchy-feely shit right? Well, we need more touchy-feely shit in this world. A LOT more.

That being said, it looks as if Thee Warlocks Bicycle Club is getting ready to kick out another jam. That's rad huh?

Stay tuned, we have a few deals in the works that are almost ready to be unveiled. Until then watch the skies. Bikes & Rec loves you.

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Codizzle said...

Kudos on Velocache, you fellas are doin a great job. Great success, im sure your blog understands, and isn't mad at ya.