Monday, December 29, 2008


The Magic Mustache Ride Went Fuckin awesome! Thanks to everbody that showed up and partipated and those that were there for moral support! A grand total of 23 hardcore mashers signed up I was blown away. 20 of them were there @ the end to rip it up. Brady took first place finishing in 1hr 22min.and received a booty of 75bucks, Bobby got second place @ 1hr 22.10min he racked in 30 bucks and a custom made and painted skate deck compliments of Marty (magnum) Hall, Jeff Baker came in 3rd in 1hr 26min. and got 20bucks you guys slayed it! There were 2 blown tires that I know of and Ryan Weeks snapped his chain, like all boyscouts he was prepared fixed that bitch and mashed on ( this happened to happen @ the the boyscout stop ahhhh snap). The best upper lip hair was definitly between Jeff Baker and Ken. I would like to thank all artists that contributed to this race. A.Mortician for the killer spoke cards and bitchen blog art especialy the Brook Reynolds, Jeff Baker for the sick paint job on the keg fridge that was given away, and Magnum Hall for the rockin skate deck. Boise artists rule! To Bikes and Rec we couldn't have done this with out you thanks! Velopirates thanks for the support and comin out you guys rule! I cant' wait for inversion 09. Warlocks B.C. thanks for the support hellraiser kicked my ass! Shwag shout outs go to Georges, Prestige, Boise CO-OP, Lucys Coffee, Newt and Harolds, Eco Lounge, Atomic Salon, Murphys, Bikes 2 Boards, A1,and Bar Gernika. I hope I didn't forget anybody if I did you can slap me. -Jake

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