Monday, September 1, 2008

Thought you would like to see what I looked like so I put a current photo of myself up. (I have lost 8 lbs. since I started drinking Mona Vie! )

That being said, I wanted to say how excited I am to ride this most excellent adventure on Saturday. I know nothing about it except that I need to be at Kathryn Albertson Park before 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 6.

My two cents worth would be to bring a camera/camcorder and take lots of pictures/videos so that you can send them to me later. I have found that I need lots of help in the documentation department. (The drink tends to ruin my concentration, and by the drink I DON'T mean Mona Vie, that shit is fucking MAGIC!)

Also, don't be afraid to dress up like your favorite historical character. I know our hosts (Seth and Ray) would approve most righteously if we did. I think I might go as Thomas Holmes (no not John Holmes you gutter-head) the "father of American Embalming". We will see though. It will be very tempting to dress up as Patrick Swayze as Reagan in "Point Break" cuz that movie kicks ass!

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