Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beer Excellent to Each Other

Seth and Ray most certainly put on an excellent adventure.  Great manifest, amazing turnout, tasty weather, and nice schwag at the after party. 
 I used a new strategy for this race, which netted me a nice 75th place finish (out of almost 90...).  I picked my commuter bike, complete with rack and double panniers packed to the brim with ice and frosty PBR, lots of smokes and a sit-down bullshit session every 2 or 3 stops.  The long haul out to L13 was a perfect stretch to have other riders dip into the bags and pass beers around to all.  By the time I hit the after party, it was all I could do to shovel in a couple of burgers (MOST of the way done) and finish a cup of Kevin's Kolsch before pedal-stumbling home and trying to start a fight with a minivan.  (Not even the dudes IN the van, no, the van itself).  Goddamn good job, fellas!  Start working on the next race! 
 I talked to my friend Jake from the Ram brewery and he says he has a good ride and wants to put it on sometime in early December.  All I know so far is the tentative name:  Magic Moustache Ride.  I'll post more as it develops.  


a. mortician said...

yep, good stuff. pics and vids coming soon. Hopefully Ray's pics cuz mine suck.

dirty and pink alley cat said...

Nice work guys! That looks fun.. what was the manifest like? And heya I am in need of some help with D&P4. You guys in to riding some mock manifests for me?

a. mortician said...

as long as you don't mock us as we ride them.

Ray J. said...

How about I mock your socks while I ride them "hypothetical" manifests.... I think it was about 18 miles if you knew the shortcuts, 13 stops, three signature ones and only one shot if you were a bad shot. Get it? I'm feeling witty right now but it could be those Friday night beers. Love to help out again in the D&P4. The soccer stop was rad!