Monday, September 21, 2009

More Cowbell!



It is a benefit for the Boise Bicycle Project.
Our goal is to raise $1000.
There will be cowbell.

On Oct 2nd at 5pm we will begin doing laps around Sore Bloke's block (902 Sylvan). It is roughly a 1/4 mile, cut off from major traffic, and, well, in front of the house. The money will come from donations from friends and family, places of business, strangers, etc. Get sponsored per lap or per goal (say 25, 50, or 100 laps). Come ride and have fun. Collect your sponsored money and we will give it all to the BBP. The focus for the donation will be bicycle education and safety. Apocalyptic stuff like cars and bikes living together.
Grill, condiments and coolers will be provided.
It is BYOB & BYOBBQ/side dish.

Kids are welcome as long as you are keeping track of them. Dogs are not welcome at all.

In addition to your sponsorships we will play a game of Assassins. (Thank you Portland Velovulture!). For $1 you can buy an "assassins tag" to hang on the bottom of your seat, thereby making you an assassin and also a target. With a tag intact on your bike you may assassinate other riders by taking their tag. You may only assassinate while your tag is intact. If you make it back to the pit with your tag intact and tag(s) from other bikes, you may write your # (the one you will receive from sign-up) on it to be entered into a raffle for a brand-spanking new Reactor PBR messenger bag (as well as other swag as yet to be collected...)
All proceeds from the Assassins game go toward our goal of $1000.

We will be letting the neighbors know, and encouraging them to come out and ride, or at least show their faces in support. The course will be well marked for cars to use
EXTREME CAUTION, due to bike awesomery.
All bikes are welcome.
Helmets encouraged.
Fun will be had.
Laps BEGIN at 5 and will continue until we are done. (Cowbells silent by 10pm, I think)
fire pit later in the evening...

Sponsorship is not mandatory. Your presence and support in any form is welcome and encouraged. This will be a fun event, don't miss out!

Post a comment or e-mail to slee(dot)brook@gmail(dot)com or a(dot)mortician@gmail(dot)com for RSVP and questions.


hotti regotti said...

count me in!

blackhappy said...

crap... ill be back in town on the 15th.... two weeks to late... but have fun and raise lots of money!

velovixen said...

we're soooooo there! And I have a killer ass . . . I mean I'm a killer assassin.

a. mortician said...

A. Mortician and the Morgue Rats will be in attendance. We will be bringing "the Dolphin" to sleep in. Excitement abounds.

dirty and pink said...

have a blast, love to see what yins are putting on!

a. mortician said...

I also decided that team "Trocar Assassin Force" is going to KILL at assassins. Now, go google what a trocar is....