Thursday, July 23, 2009

We had the La Grandest time!

Of course I have put pictures in the reverse order, so you start with our victory-bath in the river (Post-nap, yes, Brook will nap ANYWHERE possible). This river was in the same park as one of our stops. Our next to last stop after a very hot haul from quaint downtown LaGrande out to the Flying J travel plaza for some beers, (holy shit this ride had a lot of drinking in it. Not all of it mandatory...) across the tracks where both Dustin and Brook...

...Flatted out again. I blame the wide gaps between the tracks, the heat, and the fact that we were probably spinning like 17 mph (holy shit!!!) when we crossed. The supply of tubes from the local shop sure came in handy, nice of us to clean out their supply of 700x23's. After the fix it was on to La Grande's suburb of Island City for another drink (lemonade, thank you ladies!) at a non-descript Chinese restaurant (I think... between the five of us who went we could probably piece together the whole ride) then on to Dutch Bros. for a shot (iced, no fucking around, two stops to go, then the finish) and up a shady road to lakeside park, where we were treated to another beer. On to the Longbranch. Last stop, then... victory?
Team Boise at the start
This is the porch where it all began. This is the porch where it would end. 1st place: shared by Amy and Anna. Next three in: D-bagg, Warren and Brook. Time elapsed to next finisher....roughly half an hour. Couldn't find the kegs the whole time. No matter! La Grande was slain.
Dustin fixing his first flat of the trip. Note he had not had the chance to ride his bike at this point. These are the shredded tires and tubes from jumping off the bike rack doing 75. We all pitched in and watched Dustin change tubes and tires the whole trip. Offering lots of advice.

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