Monday, November 3, 2008

Just thinking of you makes me wet.

HUGE thanks to the WBC for the amazing evening that was HELLR4CER. These images pretty much sum up how I started the race, felt during said race, and eventually how I feel I came out in the end. I will be represented as the green pumpkin and the orange one can be HELLR4CER. 

P77's photo's are amazing as always. Well done. 

As far as casualties are concerned, I seem to have done something very strange to my right knee and I lost my tire irons at Scuglia's. I consider all of the above acceptable losses. I can always get a new knee. 

Stay posted here for the MAGIC MUSTACHE RIDE information as it will be available soon. WATCH THE SKIES and remember... Bikes and Rec loves you. 

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