Thursday, August 21, 2008

Giving it up

Getting ready for this weekend's Tour de Fat right now.  I have committed to give away a car in exchange for a bike, with full intentions of being a lower-impact commuter type of human being.  Come down and lend me some familiar faces while I (more than likely) put my foot in my mouth up on stage.  I am cleaning out the garage of most of my project bikes to donate to the BBP in exchange for beer tokens, to amass plenty of liquid courage for my trip up on stage.  Hopefully I will remember to plug Seth and Ray's Alleycat race on Sept. 6, though I can see the storm clouds on the horizon of this impending hangover, and will be lucky to escape with my star-spangled tights free of urine.  See you all there!  Brook

1 comment:

a. mortician said...

I can't fucking sleep cuz I am so excited to see you give away your car and get paraded around on people's backs. I am wearing the old lady pajamas that I will be wearing...oh Fuck. Now I need to go and make sure the video camera is charged.