Friday, May 16, 2008

giving credit where credit is due

Something needs to be straighted out here folks and it needs to be straightened in a public forum.

I (a.mortician) am not the brainchild of this race. The man behind the curtain on this project is a Mr. Brook Slee and he deserves the credit for it. We have gotten some big media love today and I want to be clear that this has been a collaboration but without Brook there would be no race. And let's also let it be said that this race is going to be super awesome because of Brook. You've SEEN him at the past races, you've never seen me.

As long as we are giving credit, let us give out the mad respect that we here at bikes and rec have for the good folks that have put on events before. Without that groundbreaking work, we would all just be sitting around watching American Flyers.


Saccharomyces uvarum said...

Amen, God Bless Brook!!
Great race guys can't wait for the next one.
When are we going to see some pics from the race posted here?

a. mortician said...